Financial management missions

04Team of executives with experience in finance, consolidation, controlling and accounting

  • For a defined period, replacement during an absence, supervision of a specific project, etc.
  • Part time, for short or longer periods
  • Special finance projects

Assistance in recruiting finance or administrative executives

  • Preparation of job descriptions requirements and candidates selection
  • Participation in interviews and recommendations for the final selection

Training of your teams in our fields of expertise

  • Training in Swiss GAAP RPC or IFRS accounting standards: for the first time adoption of new standards or for an improvement in existing ones
  • Training in financial consolidation tailored to the specific needs of each group and covering all the subjects of the consolidation: first consolidation of a group, consolidation methods, how to prepare a cash-flow statement, etc.
  • Training in general and cost accounting: accounting techniques and aspects regarding closing processes (to insure reliable financial information within the deadlines)