Financial consolidation
(groups or family office)

consoRecommendations for a first consolidation

  • Review of the current situation
  • Analysis of the needs
  • Advise in terms of accounting policies, organization and tool

Conversion to IFRS or RPC

  • Understand the implication of new standards and summarize their impacts
  • Implement standards and train people

Annual reports and finance manual

  • Prepare the layout of the annual report and of other useful analysis documents
  • Customize the finance manual in accordance with accounting standards and group specificities

Group accounting consolidation support (part-time or interim)

  • Assign resources to manage the whole process up to the annual report
  • Assign resources to manage part of the process or give additional support to the consolidation team

Consolidation process analysis

  • Analyze, diagnose, implement and support the closing process at group and subsidiary level. Shorten deadlines. Perform monthly, half-yearly or yearly closing
  • Make recommendations to enhance the efficiency of the flows of information

Project management: consolidation tools

  • Needs evaluation and analysis
  • Solution design and implementation assistance